HR & Training


Big M Solutions helps clients manage their human resources so they can focus on reaching their goals.


Providing Top-Notch HR And Training Services

1. Hiring

We assist companies in finding the right talent, leveraging our expertise in planning, recruitment marketing, candidate evaluations, and applicant tracking.

2. Training

We provide comprehensive employee training and development programs to help businesses upskill their workforce and improve productivity.

3. HR Consultancy

For all HR-related matters. Whether it’s developing HR policies, managing employee relations, or implementing HR strategies, we have the expertise to guide businesses.

4. Solving HR Related Problems

We help businesses overcome HR challenges with our problem-solving approach. We analyze the situation, identify the root cause, and provide effective solutions.

5. Assistance with Foreign Workers

We help businesses hire and manage foreign workers. We handle all the complexities, from understanding immigration laws to helping with cultural integration.

6. Employer of Reference

We help businesses become an “employer of reference” by improving their employer branding and implementing strategies to increase employee retention.

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